Rabat Moroccan Lantern

  • $246.00

It was love at first sight for me with these gorgeous, hand carved Moroccan lanterns. Beyond being insanely beautiful, they throw the most magical shadows across a room; creating a peaceful ambience unlike any other. They are synonymous with the phenomenal energy of Morocco.

Each lamp has been wired in the United States with a matching, (gold chord for the brass lamps and rose chord for the rose colored brass lamps) vintage style cloth chording that measures approximately 12' in length with a plug. Each features a 60 watt LED energy efficient bulb. 

Measurements: Approximately 11" in height x 9" in width

*Please note that each of these magical pieces is handmade, therefore they may have slight imperfections. We love that about them! Some have a bit of a patina to the metal and we think that just adds to their unique beauty.