The Alchemist Moon Batch Candle

Truly the most beautiful candles we've ever seen, imbued with the energy of the full moon on which they were poured. This batch was poured on the Full Pink Moon, called such due to the North American wildflower called Phlox subulata, or moss pink, that usually blooms in early April. The Full Pink Moon on April 7th was in the sign of Libra. 

"Taking place in elegant, harmonious, and diplomatic Libra, this full moon aims to ease tensions, find balance, and remind you of the beauty that surrounds you, no matter how difficult current times may be.

However, in order for beauty to make itself known, the darkness must be faced first. As Mars — planet of conflict — joins forces with karmic Saturn and argues with rebellious Uranus, it's clear that you may be dealing with a lot of pent-up energy. The urge to break free and do your own thing might be driving you up the wall.

Luckily, the Pink Moon will show you that there are other ways to channel your energy and aggression into something worthwhile. As the full moon forms a trine with both romantic Venus and passionate Mars, it will drive you to focus on creativity, love, hopes, and dreams. It will remind you that being human is a vast spectrum of emotion and your spirit is alive, no matter how difficult the situation. No matter how dark the shadow, there will always be a light to guide you through it. With expansive Jupiter forming a conjunction with transformative Pluto on the night of this Pink Moon, there will be a strong desire to overcome your hurdles and grow in ways you've never challenged yourself to grow before. It's time to realize just how resourceful, resilient, and unstoppable you truly are. Prepare to learn more about yourself and bear witness to how strong and capable you can be." Astrological reading via Elite Daily. 

Each soy candle is hand numbered and features a Goldstone gem imbedded in the divine wax and has been blessed for manifestation. Pure magic ✨

Fragrance: Light notes of Tonka, Orange, Lavender, Oakmoss & Amber

Dimensions: White matte glass container measures approximately 3 x 3.25"