White Label Moon Batch Candle

Truly the most beautiful candles we've ever seen, imbued with the energy of the full moon on which they were poured. This batch was poured on the Strawberry Moon, which fell on June 5th in "expansive, spontaneous, and worldly Sagittarius. This lunar eclipse is about knocking down walls holding you back and opening your mind to deeper perspectives. There are things you may have judged too soon that this lunar eclipse will encourage you to take a second look at. There are attachments preventing you from embracing your independence that this lunar eclipse will force you to sever ties with." Astrological reading via Elite Daily. 

    Each soy candle is hand numbered and features a charged quartz crystal imbedded in the divine wax and has been blessed for manifestation. Pure magic ✨

    Fragrance: Light notes of orange blossom, patchouli, cedar & sandalwood.

    Dimensions: White matte glass container measures approximately 3 x 3.25"