Rainforest Wisdom Oracle Deck

  • $65.00

This deck. Where do I begin? If ever there was a time that we needed to slow down and listen to the wisdom of Mother Earth herself, it is now. Created by one of my beloved friends and teachers, this incredibly insightful deck came about by a need to help support the Earth's rainforests: "my dream for the Rainforest Wisdom Deck is to spread the word about the unique and incredible species of the world's rainforests, raise awareness for their conservation, and fundraise on their behalf. It's also my sincere desire that this creation touches many people's lives as a conduit for guidance and healing," Annie Cattabriga Alosa. 

"I believe that humans need guidance now more than ever, to help us navigate this ever-changing world. I am a firm believer that intuition and psychic abilities are our birthrights, and I've designed this deck to be conducive for an intuitive reading style. Each creature in this deck offers us their unique energetic signature. They model for us the ways we can be more in alignment with our authentic selves as they seek to balance us with their wisdom."

52 card deck and guidebook included. Deck measures approximately 5" x 3.5" with a gorgeous green, foil edge.

A portion of sales from this deck will be donated to Amazon Watch.