Vintage Handira, Moroccan Wedding Blanket No. 019

  • $540.00

This is one of the most gorgeous, vintage handiras or Moroccan wedding blankets I've ever seen! This beauty features a lovely, soft shag, huge, gorgeous clusters of sequins, with playful crisscrossing sequins throughout. The backside is almost as beautiful as the front with intricate stitching. It's the perfect bohemian accessory for any home. We love these treasures as a throw on your bed, the back of a couch or as artwork hanging in your home. Here's a bit of design inspiration for wedding blankets. 

Handiras are handwoven and embellished for Berber brides by their female relatives. As the women create this treasure, they share their advice to the bride on marriage and child rearing. The piece is imbued with well wishes and love for the bride in her new union. At her wedding, the handira is tied around the shoulders of the bride (some pieces still have the shoulder ties!) and is worn as a cloak of love as they enter the next phase of their lives. The most beautiful tradition! 

Handwoven in sheep's wool and cotton with mirrored sequined embellishment.

Dimensions: Approximately 83" x 50.5"

This piece was hand sourced in the souks of Morocco by our owner. Please note that this product is handmade and one of a kind. We believe that color variances, slight abnormalities and signs of wear on vintage pieces add to the character and beauty of this unique treasure. Enjoy and know that your new piece is the only one like it in this big beautiful world!