Ash & Earth New Moon Ritual Candle

Ash & Earth New Moon Ritual Candle

I'm a huge fan of a New Moon. As much as Full Moons are a time for getting things done and making changes, New Moons are a time for slowing down and listening to what the Universe and your soul are telling you. I try to be mindful and rest during the New Moon and find it the perfect time to reflect on what's working in life and where I can use a shift. These stunning candles were poured during the New Moon at the end of September and are a beautiful reminder to take time for yourself. It doesn't always need to be go, go, go.

Ritual Uses: Protecting & Banishing | Protects personal energy while eliminating negative or unwanted energies and preventing their return.

Each soy candle features a charged Obsidian tumbled crystal surrounded by Quartz chips imbedded in the divine wax and has been blessed for manifestation. Pure magic ✨ 

Fragrance: Vanilla & Sandalwood

Dimensions: Black matte glass container measures approximately 3.5" H x 3.25" W