Crystal Infused Peruvian Agua de Florida 10ML

  • $14.00

CLEANSE + PROTECT "Peruvian Agua de Florida is known for its cleansing propensities. It has a fresh, crisp scent that isn't overwhelming. It uplifts the energy in any room and can even be used on the body as it's non-toxic. We charge this spray with crystals (which are actually left in your bottle) and under an auspicious planetary timing.

Uses: general room cleansing (think smudging, minus the smoke), freshening up bed linens and towels, removing dull energy, refreshing the senses, and more. The scent is light with citrus and clove notes," Neelou Malekpour of SMUDGED. 

Pocket Sized 10ml reusable Miron Violet glass spray bottle, perfect for tackling bad energy while on the go ;)