Citrine Soak

  • $32.00

CITRINE SOAK Bathe in this grounding blend of dead sea salts, organic calendula flowers, and a citrine crystal. Citrine is sunshine encapsulated in a crystal, powering up your solar plexus chakra and helping you manifest your wildest dreams.

HERO INGREDIENTS Citrine crystal, dead sea salts, organic calendula flowers, organic oat powder, organic ho wood essential oil.

Sold in an 8ounce glass jar

ADD your desired amount directly to warm running water in a full body bath tub, or bowl. Slip in immediately and hold the citrine crystal in your hands and imagine a goal. Imagine the energizing flame from the citrine beginning to emerge, flickering and changing the energy around you.

Created by Dear Botanics, a hand blended botanical skincare line and herbal apothecary. Each product is created with intent using virgin oils, local and organic plant matter, to promote radiant self-care.