Fairy Duster Flower Essence

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Boundaries in a bottle

"This essence is my recommendation for introverts, empaths, and HSPs. It helps us discern and trust our own inner knowing and helps to set healthy energetic and physical boundaries. It is an excellent choice for those who tend to become depleted by taking on the feelings of those around them. Like its name, this essence dusts off heavy energy so that it no longer has power of you.  Its calming + soothing + cleansing mechanics help lift the heavy heart and shed our false identities so that we may be seen and fully understood. Fully loved.

This flower’s power brings us back in touch with our own self care rituals, reminding us that approaching our own needs comes first - otherwise, we will be giving to others from an empty place. This gentle and supportive remedy helps us tap into our own sense of self acceptance.  If you feel self conscious when interacting with others, this flower essence is for you.

Elemental healing: Earth + Water


Flower Essences embody the wisdom and energy teachings of the flower in which they are created. When you work with the energy medicine of the flower, you are choosing to spend time in the healing energy of the plant. Using a flower essence is the act of drinking or anointing oneself in the beauty, the presence, and the unique landscape in which it and its medicine comes from.

Flower Essences are the most gentle form of herbal medicine but can be the most profound when it comes to healing and repairing our mind + body + spirit connection, when working through challenging + difficult times, when honoring a grief cycle, when remembering pleasure, and when working through trauma to name a few of the many examples.

How amazing do you feel when the spring and summer flowers begin to bloom and the land is bursting with life? Do you feel receptive, hopeful, at peace even? Flower essences represent this healing energy, and they are helpful little tools for bringing balance to our emotions no matter how up and down they might be.

Our Flower Essences are created by infusing newly opened flowers into water through a special meditation + ceremonial practice. This ritualistic process in combination with my energy work background extracts the flower’s vibrations and vitality. The final steps allows these potent little remedies become a gentle ~ yet profound preparation to help support your nervous system.

Using flower essences allow us to come into communion with the very core of who we really are, giving us the opportunity to act, love, and flow from our vital force. They support us by removing the obstacles, negative patterns, and the roadblocks to moving though trauma. In essence, they are balancing to our overall emotional growth and wellbeing.

Think of the way music or art can feel and be experienced in both the physical and the energy body. We often feel moved by the frequencies, by the vibrations. Flower Essences have their own vibrations + frequencies that can alter those within us, allowing us to open up > unfurl > transform > access > unpack > fully blossom.

Flower essences permeate our energy field with their healing vibration, bringing balance to our emotional patterns and how we respond to them. As emotional beings, without fail, we will feel and integrate into the world around us and can always appreciate a little support.

They help us course correct, resolve, and overcome outdated patterns, creating more space for deeper, more conscious connections to ourselves, to others, and to spirit.

Working with Flower Essences grants us the time and space to sit and rest in our quiet. Every drop is special, sacred, a pause. Their healing potential is both immense + overflowing and their ability to hold us is a feeling beyond words.

Flower Essences are wonderful tools to help us connect to our true nature, to our joy...they help us remember that approaching our own needs comes first - otherwise we will be giving and showing up from an empty place.


The wonderful thing about flower essences is that there are so many ways that we can bring their medicine into our lives. We can use them like we would an herbal tincture, taking a few drops and up to a dropper full directly under the tongue or in your favorite hydrating drink. Perhaps it’s topically that you prefer, you can absolutely use any flower essence directly on the physical body. Some people like to gently dab a few drops on pulse points, the heart, the nape of the neck, acupuncture points or marma points, or any place where your intuition directs you. The essence can even be added to your daily moisturizing body oil or face oil. We love to use them in the bath, in our hair, or try adding a few drops to a mister bottle filled with water and using it in a room or on yourself."

Enjoy the ritual.

Handcrafted in Tucson, Arizona by Bhava Wellness.