Fortune Teller Candle

  • $26.00

These gorgeous candles were created to help each of us tap into our intentions. What are you looking to draw into your life? What change would you like to call in? Write the intention on the attached card, light the candle and place the intention under the candle. Sit for a moment and hold space with what you're calling in and allow the Universe to do the rest. 

The Fortune Teller takes you on a journey through prophecies of past, present, and future. Write down what you’d like to connect to, place it under your candle, and light your candle. 

Adornments || Lapis Lazuli and Corn flowers which are linked to wealth and good fortune, unity, fertility and love across different cultures and religions.

Lapis Lazuli || Opens the third eye + perception of the world, aids in developing intuition, exploring past lives, and acts as a gateway through other realms. 

Scent || Fig + Amber + Prophecies  

Hand poured soy wax 

8 oz glass / cork lid