Lunar Twilight Moon Batch Candle

Lunar Twilight Moon Batch Candle

Truly the most beautiful candles we've ever seen, imbued with the energy of the full moon on which they were poured. This batch was poured on the Full Buck Moon,  so named because this is the time of year when a buck's antlers are in full growth mode.  The Buck Moon on July 27th was in the sign of Aquarius, which rules air and relates to communication, freedom, revolution and new possibilities. The full moon in Aquarius is most auspicious for connecting with your higher self and manifesting goals that contribute to the good of society. You can call upon this powerful energy to aid in finding innovative solutions to old problems and usher in a new & improved way of life.  

This moon also happens to be accompanied by a full lunar eclipse, making it extra potent for setting intentions involving family, relationships, and home life. We highly recommend this month's Ritual Provisions candle be used for group meditations and meetings. 

Wherever communication is taking place among individuals you will want to bring Aquarius full moon energy in. It is a dynamic force for change and self expression.

Each candle is hand numbered and features a cleansed & charged amethyst point imbedded in the divine wax and has been blessed for manifestation. Pure magic ✨

Fragrance: LUNAR TWILIGHT ~ Sweet Cream, Jasmine, Orchid & Musk

Dimensions: White matte glass container measures approximately 3 x 3.25"