Moon & Jai - High Vibe Home Kit

Your Home is your Sacred Space. This incredible kit was designed to help support you in keeping your home's energy clear and help you move out any negative energy, and in turn, infuse your home with positivity, clarity and a supportive, loving vibration. 
  • Charged Selenite wand - Neutralizes negative energy, helps us stay in the "flow of life" and let go of resistance.
  • Aromatic Palo Santo - Sustainably harvested Palo Santo has been used for thousands of years to bring blessings and cleanse the energetic body. 
  • Copal - Natural resin incense is used to energetically purify your self and space and get rid of any dense and stagnant energy. 
  • Charged Black Tourmaline - A grounding crystal that connects us deeper to our roots and the Earth. Helps neutralize electromagnetic radiation and helps absorb negativity. 
  • Charged Rose Quartz - A soothing and comforting stone of love. It reminds you to be gentle with yourself, restores harmony and assists in building self love. 
  • Charged Tiger's Eye - A stone of good luck and prosperity that is grounding and inspiring. 
  • Moon & Jai matches
  • Feather fan