Moon & Jai - Manifest Kit

Sometimes all it takes is the right intention and an open heart. Moon & Jai's Manifest Ritual Kit includes the following: 
  • Large, super charged, powerful Labradorite
  • Charged Selenite wand
  • Small surprise crystal 
  • Fragrant white pine stick
  • Moon & Jai matches

"Labradorite takes on the characteristic energies of both the Sun and Moon. Labradorite can be a life-changing stone. It helps bring success to its owner and dramatic changes in the quality of life. Labradorite facilitates the communication between the subconscious and conscious mind, awakens intuition, and helps facilitate personal transformation." 

"Labradorite is capable of bringing the truth to the surface. It can allow us to see a different perspective about people and situations. It is the stone of inspiration."

"White Pine is often burned to keep sickness away and attract wealth.  It is also associated with peace (both outer and inner), drawing things out (including pain), cleansing and purification, and way-finding.  Use White Pine if you desire physical and/or emotional healing, bless a new space and attract positive energies.
White Pine needles burn beautifully and release a pine-vanilla aroma," Moon & Jai.