Moon & Jai - Prosperity Kit

Sometimes all it takes is the right intention and an open heart. Moon & Jai's Prosperity Smudge Kit includes the following: 
  • Large, super charged Citrine crystal
  • Charged Selenite wand
  • Fragrant white sage smudge stick
  • Aromatic Palo Santo stick
  • Moon & Jai matches
  • Ritual scroll - directions and guidance on how to perform your ritual
  • Crystal qualities scroll - qualities of your crystal, healing powers and care instructions
  • Feather fan

"Citrine, does not only assist in acquiring wealth, but helps to maintain it. It attracts success and prosperity, especially for new business or entrepreneurship ventures, as it helps you achieve your goals rapidly. Placing citrine in your wallet or purse has been known to help generate income."

"Selenite crystals asset in rapid spiritual growth. Selenite shields and our space from outside influences. It calms and soothes, brings peace and sense of tranquility.  It brings mental clarity, clearing confusion and revealing the bigger picture behind any problem. Do not keep selenite in a drawer - it loves the sun and enjoys a lot of light. Selenite originated from ancient oceans. The water element within Selenite works to balance our emotions," Moon & Jai.