New Moon Candle

These gorgeous candles were created to help each of us tap into our intentions. What are you looking to draw into your life? What change would you like to call in? Write the intention on the attached card, light the candle and place the intention under the candle. Sit for a moment and hold space with what you're calling in and allow the Universe to do the rest. 

New Moon | The New Moon is a time of new beginnings, setting intentions, attracting new people and opportunities into your life. If ever a time to ask for the things your dreams are made of, this is the moon phase. 

Green Aventurine // said to be the luckiest of all crystals, draws opportunity and luck to those that are just near it.

Adornments ||Rose - Love, Sage - Purification & Protection, Chamomile - Luck & Abundance. 

Scent // Water Lilly, Lemongrass, Oak moss, Musk, and Clove Bud.

Hand poured soy wax 

8 oz glass / cork lid 

Write your intention, words, phrases, or positive affirmation. Place it under your candle, light, and manifest!