Stranger Than Kindness

  • $49.99

If you're a Nick Cave fan, you know. 

"What you see in this book lives in the intricate world constructed around the songs, and which the songs inhabit. It is the material that gives birth to and nourishes the official work. 

By official work I mean the song or the book or the score that is released into the hands of the fans. The fans become its custodians. They own it. Yet beyond the song there is an enormous amount of peripheral stuff - drawings, maps, lists, doodles, photographs, paintings, collages, scribblings and drafts - which are the secret and unformed property of the artist. 

These are not to be seen as artworks so much as the wild-eyed and compulsive superstructure that bears the song or book or script or score along. They are a support system of manic tangential information. 

I hope that you find some value in them. To me, these pieces have a different creative energy to the formed work: raw and immediate, but no less compelling," Nick Cave.

Hardback, measures 11.25" x 8.5" x 1.25"