White Label Moon Batch Candle
White Label Moon Batch Candle

White Label Moon Batch Candle

Truly the most beautiful candles we've ever seen, imbued with the energy of the full moon on which they were poured. This batch was poured on the Full Snow Moon, which was a Super Moon and the biggest Full Moon of the year. It falls at zero-degrees in the star sign Virgo which is the sixth astrological sign on the horoscope charts and is ruled by the planet Mercury. Zero-degrees of any sign is extremely powerful, giving you a chance for a completely fresh start!

"This Moon is in the rawest, least refined expression of discernment, analyzing, organizing, identifying room for improvement and setting boundaries. These traits bring an intellectual bent and awareness to the emotional tides and harvest that are part of every Full Moon. As a result, you might find it easier than usual to look objectively at what is coming to a head, or at least to think and talk about it. Instead of reacting by taking offense or feeling hurt or going on the assault, you might be inclined to ask, “What can we do about this?”

Dreaminess and confusion are in the air, softening logic, emotions and communication alike. The Moon’s ruler, Mercury, is not merely in the sign of Pisces, where thoughts and communication defy words. He’s also sailing with Neptune, lord of transcendence and keeper of the cosmic fog machine. All of which is clouding, even dissolving that fine Virgo logic. We may talk about how we feel, but we’ve navigating by an internal guidance system that bypasses both heart and brain."

The Full Virgo Super Moon is the ideal time for setting intentions that relate to:

  • Planting something green

  • Honoring pets

  • Focusing on new beginnings

  • Setting new goals

  • Getting organized

Each soy candle is hand numbered and features a charged quartz crystal imbedded in the divine wax and has been blessed for manifestation. Pure magic ✨

Fragrance: Light notes of orange blossom, patchouli, cedar & sandalwood.

Dimensions: White matte glass container measures approximately 3 x 3.25"