Our Little Green Oasis

Our Bend, Oregon Plant Oasis

Since opening in 2017, we’ve been bringing the healthiest indoor plants to our Bend, Oregon community.  Focusing on tropicals as well as rarer varietals; we’re here to help with any and all your plant questions. Not sure which plants will thrive in certain areas of your home? We offer plant consults to help you create the indoor jungle of your dreams. My perspective as a lifelong Bendite is invaluable when it comes to plant care in our unique, high desert climate.

Plant Care as Self Care

As much love as I give to my plants, I feel like I get more in return. I love the energy and the life that they bring to a space. To me they feel like sentient beings, and it's an honor to be with them and to care for them. Taking care of plants is truly my form of self care. I love to go around and clean their leaves, check on them, admire their beauty, and watch their growth. It really is a selfish pursuit because I get so much out of it.

Where I Get my Love for Plants

My love for plants came from my mom. My mom always had plants in our home; when we were little and money was tight, my mom always found a way to keep plants around. She was always caring for them and communicating about them as if they were members of our family. And in turn, I've always seen plants that way, and I realize now what a gift that was.

My Connection to Nature is My Gift to Myself

It's my sacred time. It's how I connect to our earth. I don't see myself as a religious person, but being out in nature is my church. Being surrounded by trees, going for a trail run, being in the forest, finding patches of lichen, and watching the light change on a landscapethat's heaven to me. And I think as human beings we need that now more than ever. We're craving that time with nature, as it's inherently part of who we are. We've gotten so far away from it in our society, and it's really beautiful to have a relationship with something that is purely caring and loving. I truly love and admire that. 

How I Care for My Plants

I care for my plants by checking in on every single one each week, and I water by weight, which is kind of a strange thing, but I'm teaching my clients to do it too. When you're caring for hundreds of plants each week, it's impossible to remember (especially with my scattered memory) who got what, when, and how much (when referring to water). So here's what I do: I lift each plant, feeling the weight in the soil, which helps me determine what the humidity levels are. Some soils are inherently dry and light, making the water run through really quickly, while other plants and soils hold onto moisture. This is a wonderful method to use if you're wanting to get to know the needs and desires of your plant.

I also think it's drastically important to clean their leaves, as those are their lungs, and they're doing us a favor by cleaning the air in our homes. The very least we can do is keep their leaves green and happy. All I do is use a damp towel to wipe them down every so often. Sometimes I use an organic fertilizer (not too often), as a way to support them so they can have the best life that they can in my home. I should also mention here that I talk to them and sing to them, and sometimes people catch me singing to them when they walk into Root Adorned (which can be embarrassing), but I truly believe that they're part of my community, and I think that's why the plants in the shop are so healthy...

We've created a space that really supports, understands, celebrates, and appreciates them. 

Why You Can't Shop Our Plants Online

We want to make sure our plants are at their healthiest before passing them along to you, and by shipping them, it would take away from their ability to be properly loved and cared for. Changes in temperature, light and exposure can have very stressful effects on plants; making shipping them one of the worst ways to start off their lives and we just can't do that to our beloved friends. Which is why we encourage you to either stop by our shop to walk through our little urban jungle, seeing which plants you are most drawn to, or if you'd rather, you can always call with a request and we can set up a curbside pickup for you. We know that plant care can seem overwhelming, but we're here to help you every step of the way. Not sure which plant will thrive in that corner with indirect light? We can help! Just pop in or give us a call. 

Looking for Plant Accessories?

You can find our collection of baskets, pots, and plant hangers over here, and here.

Our Plant Community

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