Zelma Rose - Saguaro Fringe Necklace

  • $70.00

From the Designer, "The Saguaro Fringe Necklace takes a cue from the great yonder, inspired by the deep shades of desert flora across California. Big skies, miles to wander, and rich with color, the natural beauty and intrigue of the California deserts evoke a love for adventure. The perfect pairing with your well worn denim, or your favorite sweater, the Saguaro Fringe Necklace will become your go to accessory to express your signature style."

Each Saguaro Fringe Necklace starts with 100% cotton cord that is hand dyed in small batches then dried in the bright California sun, giving each Saguaro Fringe Necklace a unique color and beauty all its own. Nine hand pulled tassels hang from 5 cords that are finished at each end with a brass setting and close with an extra large brass clasp. The Saguaro Fringe Necklace is available in classic natural Ecru, Hand Dyed Driftwood, Hand Dyed Indigo, and Hand Dyed Graphite. 

Metal + Cloth | Antique Brass settings and clasp (lead & nickel free) | 100% cotton cord  

Size | 24 inches long