Joie: A Parisian's Guide to Celebrating the Good Life

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Be right back, we're off to Paris to live our best lives. "The French are known for their joie de vivre - celebrating the simple things - a philosophy that tastemaker Ajiri Aki has embraced all of her American life. As a child, she frequently tried to convince her Nigerian-Jamaican mother to pull out the fine china for everyday meals or when hosting friends. Her mother always said she was waiting for special occasions, which sadly never came before she passed away when Ajiri was only twelve. Ajiri promised herself she would never hesitate to use her treasured pieces. When she moved to Paris, France, as an adult and learned how central that idea is to French life, she also began to absorb other essential lessons from her new friends: treat yourself to fresh flowers just because, take time to source the best baguette, and perhaps most importantly, enjoy etre - just being.

With lush photographs showcasing Paris's diverse landscape of food, people, gardens and architecture, Joie encourages you to reclaim your right to leisure, so you, too, can savor spontaneous joyful moments just like the French do."