About Erin

Erin Hasler of Root Adorned


Root Adorned is the brainchild/dream project of Erin Hasler. Erin's love for beautiful treasures began most likely at birth, (maybe in the womb?) and has grown ever since. A self described magpie, easily distracted by anything that sparkles; Erin continues to fill her own home with rugs, plants, pottery and dogs. Her philosophy being that you can never have enough of any of the above.

Born and raised in Bend, Erin is honored to bring her unique perspective to the community that she so dearly loves. After facing breast cancer as a young mother and wife, Erin discovered a new zest for life. She sold her hand crafted jewelry line and sought out a new career that would enable her to travel the world, support artisans and connect to community. It was from this dream that Root Adorned was born. Erin is a firm believer that life is short and you shouldn't waste a moment of our precious time on Earth. 

Thank you for supporting this vision and our families. It means more than you could ever know.