Erin's Journal

  • Meet the Maker: Soledad of Sol Proaño

    I've always been a magpie, drawn to anything that glitters and sparkles, so it shouldn't be a surprise that some of my favorite treasures in the shop are the stunning creations from Sol Proaño. Soledad's work adds a bit of magic to any space from the clean lines of the perfectly formed brass to the sea of rainbows dancing across the floor as the light reflects off the gorgeous prisms. These beauties make that low winter light a thing of magic ✨🌈✨
  • Meet the Maker: Hannah Hazel Glass

    I've always been drawn to stained glass; the magic of light being transformed as it dances through the glass just takes my breath away. Shadows of light sparkling across a well worn floor, absolute magic. 
  • Bless This Space

    Indigenous peoples have held energy clearing ceremonies for thousands of years. Regardless of your personal beliefs I don't think there is anything wrong with setting intention with your heart. After all, isn't that the essence of prayer?

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