Meet the Maker: Soledad of Sol Proaño

I've always been a magpie, drawn to anything that glitters and sparkles, so it shouldn't be a surprise that some of my favorite treasures in the shop are the stunning creations from Sol Proaño. Soledad's work adds a bit of magic to any space from the clean lines of the perfectly formed brass to the sea of rainbows dancing across the floor as the light reflects off the gorgeous prisms. These beauties make that low winter light a thing of magic ✨🌈✨


Sol Proaño Prisms
Photo Credit: Sol Proaño


How did you come to begin making your beautiful creations?

"Making things has always been a way of expressing myself. When I moved from Chile to the US in 2008 I spent all my time making things and started selling them online. Many years later, still selling jewelry, I decided to experiment with designs on a slightly larger scale and make wall decorations. One day I saw the work of an artist that occasionally used prisms, and decided to adopt those as a core element in my collection. This was right before the pandemic and when that happened, my Prismas started selling so well that I stopped making jewelry. Just recently I introduced a small jewelry line based on the same design elements as my main décor collection: clean lines and crystals."


Crystal Prism Necklace
What is your favorite part of the design process? 
"My favorite part of the design process is when I get to the point where I can let my ideas, materials and tools available feed up on each other, “birthing” new processes, techniques or visual elements. Those moments when I get in the zone with the work are the reason why I do (and need!) hand work. There is some previous work that needs to happen though, and it requires a lot of structure and a little bit of stars aligning to get there (see below on schedules!)"
Sol Proaño Work Desk
Photo Credit: Sol Proaño


What does a day in your studio look like? 

"I get that question often and I never quite know what to say because I don’t really have a very set schedule. I am always negotiating what needs to be done with what I feel like doing. But in general, after I drop my kid off at school I come and get ready for the day.  Sometimes computer work goes first, and other times I start with working on orders but I go back and forth between the two. If I have to do a post office run I will try to go around lunchtime and maybe grab a bite nearby and then come back and finish whatever I have going on before I have to pick up my kid from school."


Sol Proaño Studio
Photo Credit: Sol Proaño


Any specific music you like to listen to while you're working? 

"I listen to a lot of British and Latin American pop and rock from the 90s (I just dated myself!). One of my favorite bands is a Chilean band that started in the 70’s (and still going strong with the original members’ children) called Los Jaivas, which mixes psychedelic rock with sounds and instruments from the Andes. One of their most famous albums is called Alturas del Macchu Picchu, with lyrics from a book with the same name by poet Pablo Neruda."


Prism Art Piece
Photo Credit: Sol Proaño


What brings you joy outside of your artwork? 

"So many things! Just a few here: being in nature, listening to loud music and singing at full volume, laughing with my child, enjoying good food and wine with friends."

Have you had any travels in the past year or two that have brought you inspiration? 

"This past Summer we went to Buenos Aires, where I saw many objects made with materials that are not commonly used here in the US (a lot of resin, recycling and upcycling), and that ignited a desire to try out some of these materials. There’s definitely an itch happening right now for experimentation, but I’m not sure where it will lead!"

I know I speak for all of your fans when I say that we can't wait to see what beauty you create in the future. Thank you so much for sharing your stunning work with us and a beautiful insight into your creative process and your life 💗

We just received a new shipment of treasures from Soledad that you can shop here ✨


Sol Proaño Prism Mobiles
Photo credit: Sol Proaño

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