Casual Elegance

While we were traveling throughout Morocco I was consistently struck by not only the incredible beauty in the everyday but the easy feeling that accompanied the stunning elegance. I've grown accustomed to saving the family heirlooms, beautiful treasures for special occasions in my life. Don't wear the good jewelry, keep the crystal in the cupboards so it won't be damaged, don't walk on that rug, etc. I say screw that mentality! Life is short, drink out of the crystal on Tuesdays, use your rugs like they're intended and enjoy each beautiful moment. 

That being said, now I'm obsessed with adding beauty to each experience in each day. At the same time, I want my home to exude warmth and feel inviting. I want friends and family to feel comfortable slipping off their shoes and staying for a while. These are the moments after all that enrich our lives. 

Enter my obsession with gorgeous floor poufs. With kiddos in the house we've always had some sort of floor pillow situation but they were never eye catching, quite the contrary. Our stunning poufs are made from recycled vintage rugs and are truly works of art. Works of art that are meant to be used. Not sure how to incorporate them into your own decor? Here's a little inspiration, 



Jungalow Style, Eclectic Decor


Moroccan Decor


Boho Decor, Jungalow Style


VMoroccan Rooftop

Via Pinterest

Root Adorned, Boho Decor Inspiration

New favorite corner in our little shop

Moroccan Rooftop

Via Pinterest

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