Erin's Journal


  • Spring in Morocco

    I'm continually struck by how seamlessly the chaos flows in Morocco; things that wouldn't jive in the U.S. absolutely do there. Traffic intermixes with donkeys and carts, which intermix with families aboard a single scooter and the lines on the road are at most, a suggestion. In the U.S. this would make for a disaster but there it flows beautifully, day in and day out.
  • Casual Elegance

    I've grown accustomed to saving the family heirlooms, beautiful treasures for special occasions in my life. Don't wear the good jewelry, keep the crystal in the cupboards so it won't be damaged, don't walk on that rug, etc. I say screw that mentality! Life is short, drink out of the crystal on Tuesdays, use your rugs like they're intended and enjoy each beautiful moment.
  • Morocco, Part Two

    The most striking part of Tangier for me was the history. I'm a literature nerd and it was exhilarating to walk the streets that Bowles and Burroughs had frequented, to see the bookstore where they both routinely read new works and to sit in the birthplace of the beatnik movement.

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