Bless This Space

I'm a feeler, like super feeler. Growing up it was always that I was "too sensitive" and it wasn't until I began raising my own sensitive child that I realized we're actually empaths and maybe that's not such a bad thing. I can feel your joy or pain as if it were my own and that has enabled me to connect much more deeply with the people in my life. It does however get a bit overwhelming at times and I've learned to create rituals to help protect my personal space but also my physical space within our home. 

Indigenous peoples have held energy clearing ceremonies for thousands of years. Regardless of your personal beliefs I don't think there is anything wrong with setting intention with your heart. After all, isn't that the essence of prayer?

Photo Courtesy of Smudged Co. 

We carry various tools to help you create your own personal sanctuary: full Intention Kits from Moon & Jai that include everything you need to create your own ceremony, Smudge Sticks crafted with organic, ethically sourced sage, Sacred Palo Santo that was ethically harvested and Healing Mists from Reiki Mast Makenzie Flynn.

When Chris and I began the remodel on our little place at the beach, the first thing we did was go through the home together; one with the sage and the other with palo santo. Neither of us discussed a plan but instead just trusted our hearts as we walked our property and imagined the beautiful memories we hope to share there. I thought of my children and their children to come and asked that all who enter our home feel welcome and loved. After all, what good is a beautiful home if it doesn't feel welcoming and full of love? xo, 


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