BOHĒME Candles - Joshua Tree

  • $49.00

Between the Earth and Sky

"In the vastness  of the high desert, the Bohéme Woman casts off the chains of modern life to be reborn under an ocean of twinkling starlight. This is the promise of Joshua Tree, a place that has called to nomadic spirits for generations, where artistic souls find calm in serenity and self-discovery. She rediscovers her true self in wide open spaces under lavender skies, purified by the dry, sacred air, sweet with agave and lush with the nighttime bloom of white cactus flowers and heady tuberose. In this healing desert, all her worries fall away and she feels renewed and inspired, transfixed by the hushed quiet of the pastel desert night."

TOP NOTES: bergamot, agave

MIDDLE NOTES: tuberose, cactus blooms

BASE NOTES: desert sands accord, amber, patchouli, incense

8.5 oz - 240 g - 50 hour burn time

Measurements: 3.5"H x 3.25"D

All natural vegan wax, phthalate free, cotton wicks, handmade in the USA