Kindred Conversation: Cards For Connection

  • $48.00

I absolutely love these thoughtful card decks. Beautifully designed to encourage deeper conversations and connections with our loved ones. 

"An expansion pack of 30 cards designed to enlighten conversation between adult family members. 30 unique bird drawings accompany each card with 30 questions designed to promote storytelling and more connected conversation.

Lighten the mood while also talking about something other than the weather and what you did last week. It’s time to get to know your parents or chosen parents as more than just family and connect as people. With questions about love, ambitions and creativity, this card deck will definitely inspire some conversations you didn’t expect. One question can lead you down a rabbit hole of new understanding and appreciation. What’s stopping you from talking about what really matters? Let these cards do the heavy lifting, all you need to do is draw one from the deck."

Edged in rose gold with a thoughtful box for storing.