Limited Edition: Chakra No.4 - 100ml

  • $36.00

This is CHAKRA NO. 4

This spray was created with rose quartz crystals to heal, open and balance your heart chakra. Whether you are healing from the collective trauma of this past time period, grief in losing a loved one, or heartbreak from a failed relationship, it’s time to start fresh and invite the energy of unconditional love into your life.

Spray this magically-charged crystal-infused spray and any bad vibes will vanish with a quickness. Leaving behind only peace of mind and peace of heart.

Uses: Linens, Room Spray, Office Freshener, Energetic Pick-Me-Up.

Made in the USA, with USA + PERUVIAN components. A light, refreshing scent with citrus and clove notes.

Never tested on animals

100 ml reusable Miron Violet glass spray bottle. Enjoy!