Lux Aestiva - Luxury Incense Sticks

  • $22.00

Don't worry, these aren't the incense of your college dorm days. These incense smell heavenly and bring an instant calm to your environment. Created following traditional methods, adopting yogic formulas that have been used since ancient times. Our incense range is skillfully handcrafted at the base of the Himalayas by artisans who combine naturally scented ground herbs, resins, spices and botanicals into a paste and carefully hand roll onto a bamboo core and allow to dry. Our artisans create some of the highest quality incense in the world.

Dreamer: Intoxicating heavenly floral notes with a sweet woody undertone. Burn to create deep, sensuous breezes to uplift and enlighten.

Elements: Deep notes of Sandalwood. Promotes energy and enthusiasm, while supporting peace and serenity.

Gypsea: A warm, romantic incense, conjuring notes of powdered rose petals. Burn to release intoxicating, romantic and passionate waves of a deeply floral warm breeze. 

Oud AuroraPerfect for meditation, deep introspection and spiritual guidance.

Oracle: A divine source of exotic and rare ingredients. Spicy, rich & earthy, burn to find solitude and reconnect.

Sanctuary: Our mediation blend for those seeking refuge. Burn to meditate, set intensions and create a sanctuary in your sacred space.

Sea Mist: Sweet and fresh with zesty top notes. An uplifting fragrance designed to cleanse and rejuvenate your space and your senses.

"Why are our incense sticks different to ‘normal’ and often much cheaper incense sticks? The methods utilized by our artisans provide a purer, natural scent than you'll find with cheaper sticks that are often made by 'dipping' absorbent sawdust-coated sticks into synthetic fragrances and other chemicals." 

All of our incense are free of animal products and 100% vegan.

20 sticks, housed in a luxe, matte black & rose gold box. 

Burn time per stick is approx. 40 minutes. 

All photos via Lux Aestiva