Out of the Woods: A Tale of Positivity, Kindness and Courage

A little optimism goes a long way. "As she finds her way home out of the woods, Betsy Griffin takes us on a journey through the darkest of forests to find the light. With wise advice from woodland creatures along the way, Betsy takes it upon herself to change her outlook on the world. In this deeply moving and inspirational fable, she teaches us how to face our struggles with courage and determination, and shares powerful lessons about positivity, kindness and hope. Despite her young age, Betsy’s wisdom will inspire readers of all ages. Above all, she shows us that anything is possible."

About the author: "Betsy Griffin was diagnosed with a low-grade optic nerve glioma at the age of two. The youngster, who is now blind, endured 18 months of chemotherapy before having a biopsy and going on targeted treatment, which she remains on today." Betsy has found a way to turn her disability into her super power and her beautiful spirit is sure to brighten anyone's day.