Within Ruhani Turkish Towel Aqua

Turkish towels are the absolute best! The perfect accessory for lake/beach days, lounging by the pool or hanging beautifully in your home. We immediately fell in love with the gorgeous pattern in this soft aqua beauty.

The Peshtemal is fast-absorbing and quick to dry due to its lightweight design and use of world-renown Turkish cotton. This long-fibre cotton and traditional weaving process helps them to become softer and more absorbent with time and regular washing unlike traditional bath towels. Each towel is manufactured by a family-owned business in Denizli, Turkey and hand-finished by local artisan women.

  • Lightweight and portable, perfect for use at the gym, spa, beach or pool.
  • Quick-drying and sand-resistant.
  • Reversible colors with a double-sided design.
  • Made from 100% high-quality Turkish cotton
  • 66" x 37"

*Wash Ruhanì Peshtemals in cold or medium heat water with similar colors using a gentle cycle. Avoid bleach or fabric softener, which can compromise the towel's absorbency.

Photos by Ruhani