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  • Spring in Morocco

    I'm continually struck by how seamlessly the chaos flows in Morocco; things that wouldn't jive in the U.S. absolutely do there. Traffic intermixes with donkeys and carts, which intermix with families aboard a single scooter and the lines on the road are at most, a suggestion. In the U.S. this would make for a disaster but there it flows beautifully, day in and day out.
  • Root Adorned Grand Opening!

    You know that nervous feeling in the bottom of your tummy when you throw a party? The little voice that whispers, "Is anyone going to show up?!" Yeah, that one. I had that feeling in spades the past few weeks and then something magical happened, they came! What an incredible evening of celebrati...
  • Welcome to Root Adorned

    Have you ever had a dream that quietly pulls at your heart for years on end, perhaps decades? That's Root Adorned for me. Almost twenty years ago I worked at a rad shop in Bend called Boomtown. It was a record store with a really kick ass gift section where you could find anything for anyone. I l...

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