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Have you ever had a dream that quietly pulls at your heart for years on end, perhaps decades? That's Root Adorned for me. Almost twenty years ago I worked at a rad shop in Bend called Boomtown. It was a record store with a really kick ass gift section where you could find anything for anyone. I learned the art of buying, merchandising and seeing what my clients fell in love with; it was my favorite job ever. Unfortunately surviving on minimum wage gets old real quick and I had to go out into the "real world" but those Boomtown days stuck with me. I knew that someday my ultimate goal was to create a space of my own. Where I could share the lines I've been in love with for years and connect to my community.

Fast forward 18 years and here we are. It took some serious scraping and clawing to make it happen but we did it. I say we because it has been an incredible community effort. My friends helped craft the furniture in the shop, my parents watched our children while we traversed Morocco for two and a half weeks, my children forgave us for traversing Morocco for two and a half weeks and then there's my husband. My husband who agreed to this insane idea and went along willingly. Who lugged stacks of rugs through winding, narrow cobblestone streets in the heat of the summer. Who worked all day at his job and then spent evenings trying to bring my insane Pinterest board to life. Who encouraged me and cheered me on when I thought that perhaps I had bit off more than I could chew. So yeah, this beautiful little shop of ours is a family affair and I wouldn't be where I am without my incredible people. 

We hope you find yourself in Bend and can make it into the shop but if not, we hope that this site brings you inspiration and perhaps a treasure for your own home. Thank you for stopping by, I can't tell you how much it means to me, 


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  • Posted by Gary B. on

    I am excited to be at Root Adorned Thursday. I am so proud of you Erin. You have had a up and down life for a while. Now I see everything you are doing moving up and up. Bravo Erin.

  • Posted by Tracey on

    I love my new wedding blanket❤️

  • Posted by Debbie Hanavan on

    Stopped by for the first time after coffee at Sparrow Bakery, and was drawn in by the magnificent plants. Once inside I was truly enchanted by the art, rugs and other wondrous creations. I’ve dreamed of having luscious plants that size for my new home and now know where I can turn to keep them thriving.
    Thanks for this wonderful shop. Telling all my friends!!

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