Moroccan Wedding Blankets

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I'm a reader. I love a good story and feel a deep connection when I can understand the history of a piece, which is why I fell so madly in love with the vintage handiras or Moroccan wedding blankets when we were traveling. Sure, they're stunningly beautiful at face value but I think the story behind them is quite possibly more special than their intricate embroidery. 

In the Berber culture, when a young woman is to be married, the women in her family will spend weeks leading up to the wedding hand weaving her a wedding blanket. While they do so they impart their wisdom and marital advice to the bride and imbue each stitch with love and blessings for the new family. After the wedding they then wrap the bride in her blanket as a cloak of love and send her off into her new life. Truly, is there anything more lovely than that?! 

As I was traveling throughout Morocco I kept an eagle eye out for unique, vintage handiras. Most that I found had large stains, holes or such but there were a few absolute gems hidden in stacks across the country and I hoarded all that I could find. Shop our hand selected collection of stunning handiras here and enjoy a bit of inspiration for uses in your own home. Enjoy!


Boho Dream, Moroccan Wedding Blanket, vintage handira

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Moroccan wedding blanket, vintage handira, wedding blanket

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moroccan wedding blanket, vintage handira, wedding blanket

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moroccan wedding blanket, vintage handira, wedding blanket

Love the Pom Pom blanket in this space as well! We have these available in both organic cotton and wool, just give us a call for more information! Photo via:

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Gah. Mara Hoffman killing it; AGAIN.

boho style, moroccan wedding blanket, vintage handira

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